About AAPM

Our Mission

Albertans Against Puppy Mills (AAPM) is a volunteer-based campaign established by citizens concerned with animal welfare and the promotion of knowledgeable and responsible pet guardianship.


AAPM has developed two initiatives:

  1. A petition advocating the implementation of a municipal bylaw in the City of Calgary that will prohibit the retail sale of dogs and cats on public and commercial properties.  AAPM will reach out to groups in Edmonton, Red Deer and Lethbridge to assist them in doing the same.

  2. A strategy to advocate changes to the Alberta Animal Protection Act to help stop puppy mills, kitten mills and backyard breeders in Alberta.


AAPM strongly discourages against finding and purchasing pets online, and promotes the adoption of pets from rescue organizations and reputable breeders.

Proposed Changes to Current Bylaw

Albertans Against Puppy Mills requests that the City of Calgary adopt a bylaw that will prohibit the advertisement and sale of companion animals (ie – cats and dogs) on all public and commercial properties in Calgary.

Purpose of the Bylaw and how bans help

  • The proposed bylaw will eliminate a medium through which puppy mills sell their dogs and kitten factories sell their kittens.

  • It will help to prevent the impulse purchase of pets in pet stores and elsewhere.

  • It will allow rescue organizations and reputable breeders to be a more visible source for pets.

  • It will save the City money – the City incurs costs caring for unwanted dogs and cats, and reducing the number of unwanted and abandoned pets in Calgary is a valid municipal concern.

  • There is a public interest in ensuring pets which have already been abandoned to animal shelters and which are being supported with public funds find a new home, and cities cannot be faulted for treating those facilities differently from pet stores.


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